Welcome to simple wxnders

simple: (my shorthand for simplicity) the essence. the root. the reason/s.

wonder: a state of curiosity, awe and amazement; humbled in the light of the astonishing and mysterious nature of life. A sacred breath of oneness with all creation.

wander: to move about freely, without fixation. Allowing the paths, routes and trails to open before us, like water, guiding our next move/s.

simple wxnders: to fearlessly journey into the vasts of the unknown and revel in their all-encompassing nature. Permanent, yet fluid; still, yet always moving.

Wassup everyone, I hope you are well! My name is simple ant and I want to welcome you all to simple wxnders!

First and foremost, I just wanted to let you know that I’m a real, living, breathing person on this Earth. I am passionate about seeking to understand (and make sense of) what has happened to human life. Where did we lose our way and how can we come back to and celebrate the simple wxnders of being alive!

I care deeply about the direction of humanity and the way in which we choose to live. At its essence, simple wxnders is a meditation on this way of life and what can happen when we choose to let go of (escape from) the briefs + actions that keep us tangled up in supremacy.

How do we liberate ourselves from that?

simple wxnders is born of this (quest)ion.

This body of work is my personal path and process towards libration and freedom. This is a place where I can share my thoughts, art, activities, writings on how I attempt to connect what I know to be true with how I choose to live. This website is a public place where I can dream in color, explore radical forms of decolonial Afrosimplicity and tinker with the tools, techniques, philosophies and practices that may help overgrow the trappings of white | male | human | supremacy. That may help us overgrow the notion of civilization, itself.

I have a lot of questions.
I have many doubts and fears to work through.

But I’ve also felt the healing and transformative power of moving with nature—to meander without any real intension, just a feeling, a calling, an intution.

There is healing, there is transformation in making decisions to move differently; to move in ways that folks sometimes quite don’t understand. When we strip away the layers of the world as it is, we free ourselves to discover the infinite possibilities of the worlds that can be. Ultimately, simple wxnders is about just that—getting back to the essence + beauty of life. It’s about allowing my life to be guided by intention, purpose and love. simple wxnders is about dreaming in color. It’s a mediation and practice guided by ancestral wisdoms of living, loving and creating outside the grip of modernity.

My thinking, movements and personal life ethic in this journey are deeply rooted in decolonial | Black | radical | simplicity. What is good for me should be good for the Earth; and what is good for the Earth should be good for me.

I believe in the transformative power of nature.

simple wxnders is a decolonial approach rooted in Afrosimplicity that attempts to think and move beyond the traps of civilization

simple wxnders is just that—a call to wonder and to wander.

It’s just me.

A simple ant making a choice to think and move with what is life affirming and bringing you into my thoughts, reflections, and actions.

simple wxnders is not new. It’s not old. It’s not unique, and it’s not different. It’s an acknowledgement that each day we wake, we have an opportunity to walk with the ancient, and infinite, connections between us all. Like a seed needs the sun, my liberation is connected with you. We cannot be free if our freedom depends of the enslavement of others, be they humans, plants, animals or minerals. In this way, simple wxnders is a call to step back and question while continuing to move forward through the wilderness of existence. I believe it is our sense of wxnder can animate our purpose and drive, and it is this special intersection that, ultimately, gives us the strength and wisdom to know how to approach freedom and liberation.

It is a simple wxnder to experience the joys of being truly alive. To be able to live and dance in this juxtaposed state between the mind and feet. The thought and action. The Air and the Earth. The Water and the Fire.

Dedicated to Black communities, communities of color, and the plant, animal, and mineral communities whose souls literally nurture our own existence.

To our Earth: Ilẹ Ayé : Ajaw: Pachamama
Thank you for teaching me how to live. Most importantly, thank you for teaching me what kind of life is worth living.

To Mamá Af(rica): Ubuntu
I am because you are

To Mamá Maya: In Lak’ech
Tú eres mi otro yo (You are my other me)

Lastly, to all my teachers.
Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the perspective, insight and language to exist differently.