truth cannot be created or destroyed; it is ever-present and exists in every moment. We do not create or discover the truth; we grow close to it by having the patience and willingness to be present in the now while holding the wisdoms of the past. In these ways the truth is an encounter, an experience. It is what we see, feel, and understand as we grow closer in our awareness of, and relationships to, all matter. Truth is understanding while (at the same time) not allowing ourselves to believe that there is nothing left to be understood.”

–simple ant

All the ideas and expressions on this site, and all its content, are uncopyrighted.

I lovingly release any copyright (or supposed “ownership”) on all I create. I gift them freely so that you may grow these ideas, practices and contemplations in any ways you feel called to do! There is no need to ask me for permission.

While I appreciate attribution, shout outs, and head nods, how you choose to cite and grow (with) this work is completely up to you. Please feel free to share it, re/create it, reprint it with or without credit. Change it around, and make it your own. It’s trill.

Why I’m releasing copyright

I wish to place all my work in the public domain, because I don’t believe ideas should be bought and sold. I don’t believe in copyright laws.

I am deeply troubled by the ways society as a whole tries to commodify ideas, thoughts and creativity for power and profit–especially the ways in which they’re applied to oppress the voices and visions that sprout through the cracks of modernity.

I am releasing my copyright because I refuse a legal system that, too often, violently suppresses alternative ways of being in order to “protect” a world (and worldview) created for white, able-bodied, cis-gendered, men. I want to live outside of that, and my deepest hope is that you will too. This whole project is a living meditation of liberation and freedom and I refuse to be a slave to a system I don’t believe in.

So… you might be wonderin’

But… What if someone publishes all my ideas and they make all the profits? I won’t make any money.

I hope they at least give me credit, lol. Naw, but in all seriousness, it’s definitely possible that people could try to make money off whatever inspiration/s they find here. That is their choice and one that I am at peace with. Why? Because I do not wish to police thought, and because making money is not the point. For me, it is more important that we question how the pursuit of profits have turned so much of life into a commodity.

We need to rethink the role, purpose + ethics of money in the first place. People can try to make money off my work if they wish. I see no reason why folks shouldn’t be compensated for their efforts, but there are many different ways that we can engage in ethic mediums of exchange that don’t turn us into commodities. If someone makes money from these ideas, there’s no obligation to pay me a portion of what they earn. That said, I certainly welcome, and will receive, any support with love and gratitude. This makes it easier for me to sustain what I’m doing and to expand this work in new directions.

My deepest wish is that whatever is created from my work be used to spread radical and honest love. After all, you can’t put a price on the free and open spread of ideas.

Who knows what people may do with my work? 

The beautiful thing is that I don’t know. Yes, someone could take my work, butcher it and put my name on it. But they could just as easily take these ideas and grow them into something different and even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! The fear that someone may take these ideas and manipulate them in ways that aren’t cool with me, stems from control–a stifling illusion of our time. I don’t believe any of us can ever control another person’s actions, and even if we could, it’s not a good thing. I believe you receive the energy you give to others, so it is just as likely that someone will take the work, extend the concepts and make it even more useful, to even more people. Ima move with that!

But… won’t people take my stuff and run with it? 

They might. But no one can take (or steal) what is freely given. To me, this is sharing my offerings and gifting forward what was gifted to me. People sharing this work is part of a continuum; it is not piracy.

My practice of letting go of ownership is to honor my truth, my ancestors, and the natural rhythms of the Earth which are never trapped behind credit cards and paywalls. We are all part of a legacy and collective wisdom/s that were given to us from those who came before. In this way, all our work, our love, our labor, grows from the work and inspiration of others.

These thoughts are my offering to the collective.

Together, may we learn to love and honor the Earth and one another as we continue to decolonize for the world our hearts know is possible.

To all those who inspired me to let go and release: Thank you!

Thank you to all my self-proclaimed Black|Afro minimalists + simple living practitioners:

For the gift of helping me unpack, what Christine Platt calls, the psychology of ownership for Black folks and folks of color in her book, the Afrominimalist Guide to Living with Less.

Lastly, Thank you to Leo Babauta

For the linguistic inspiration and structure of articulating the need to release copyright. To my knowledge, he was the first to further simplify the already progressive copyleft (1976, 1985) and creative commons (2001) movements when he released the copyright of his blog in January of 2008. See zenhabits: uncopyright

U in solidarity with CL + CC